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quick facts:

area of specialization

social psychology

Ph.d., university of arizona, 1995

Research interests
emotion, attitudes, social neuroscience, cognitive dissonance theory

contact info:
School of Psychology
University of New South Wales
Sydney, NSW, 2052

Office: 1105 Mathews Building 

eddie harmon-jones

research interests

I am particularly interested in the interplay of cognition, emotion, and motivation. We use multiple measures and focus primarily on psychophysiological ones.


Science Directorate of American Psychological Association (host conference on cognitive dissonance theory), 1997
B/START Grant from National Institute of Mental Health (P.I.; Effect of coping potential on frontal cortical activity), 1999
National Science Foundation (P.I.; Action-Based Model of Cognitive Dissonance), 2000-2003
Fetzer Institute (P.I.; Examining the mechanisms underlying self-report measures, with an emphasis on their cognitive, emotional, motivational, and biological substrates), 2000-2001
National Institute of Mental Health (Co-P.I.; BAS and Bipolar Spectrum: Biopsychosocial Integration), 2002-2007
National Science Foundation (P.I.; Anger and Approach Motivation), 2003-2006
National Science Foundation (P.I.; Considering Approach Motivational Intensity within Positive Affect), 2007-2010
National Institute of Mental Health (Co-I; BAS and Bipolar Disorder: Prospective Biobehavioral High Risk Design), 2007-2012
National Science Foundation (P.I.; Approach Motivation, Anger, & Positive Affects), 2009 – 2012
National Science Foundation (co-P.I.; Distinguishing impulse strength from self-control strength as causes of self-control failure), 2009 – 2012
Australian Research Council (P.I.; Can Some Positive Emotions Increase Anger?), 2015-2017

awards and honors

Society for Psychophysiological Research Distinguished Award for an Early Career Contribution to Psychophysiology, 2002
Associate Editor, Emotion, 2010-present
Associate Editor, Psychological Science, 2012-present
Career Trajectory Award from Society of Experimental Social Psychology, 2012